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♦ Comprehensive League Management: Set up your 2024 Fantasy Football League online with our robust commissioner software.

♦ World-Class Features. We’ve got you covered:

    • Up to 96 teams in your fantasy football league.
    • Multiple conferences and up to 24 divisions permitted.
    • Up to 80 players per roster – great for dynasty/keeper leagues.
    • One player can belong on multiple fantasy football teams, with separate drafts for each division or conference.

♦ Player Movement Options: Whether it’s blind bidding for free agents, first-come-first-serve waivers, or flex positions, MyFantasyLeague offers flexibility.

♦ Live Scoring and Chat: Stay connected with fellow managers through our live chat window while tracking real-time scores.

♦ Injury Reports and Player Rankings: Dive into player news, depth charts, and custom player projections from our many player projection and rankings partners.

♦ Customizable Layouts: Customize your league’s look and feel to your heart’s desire.

  • You have Complete Control of color, layout, graphics, and information that shows up on your league home page.
  • You can Choose a Skin to give your overall league a custom appearance with just one click.

♦ Dynasty League Support: Plan for the long haul with a rich set of dynasty league features.

♦ Experienced and Reliable:

  • We’ve been doing this since 1994. You read that right.. in 1994 we started providing fantasy football league management software.
  • We host tens of thousands of fantasy football leagues.

♦ Affordable:

  • Pay one low price for your entire fantasy football league.
  • FREE fantasy football playoff league included.
  • See our Purchase Page for discounts.

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